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Mr Fantastic Grey

It was a massive opening weekend for soft porn / chick flick Fifty Shades of Grey – the most profitable weekend ever in the United States for an R-rated film: $237.7 million. Its success, ubiquity and, undoubtedly, bawdiness has unleashed a torrent of unsurprisingly hostile reviews. The prudish feel outraged, the BDSM community feels misrepresented, […]

Jou Past se Poes

  The fallacy of the “white victim” is becoming nauseating. After hundreds of years of white-on-black racism and oppression in South Africa, when anger is expressed against these injustices, self-serving whites who feel uncomfortable when confronted with the truths of South Africa’s racist past call it “hate speech” or “racism”. Steve Hofmeyr bemoans the plight […]

Fear and Loathing in the ANC – Part Two

It is almost a year since President Jacob Zuma swept to the leadership of the African National Congress for the second time at its national elective conference at Mangaung. Zuma’s margin of victory cemented his hold on the oldest liberation movement on the continent and also concretised a new way of political organisation and patronage […]