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Moving BLK Brothers

  Phrases like “Africa’s new band” or “the first black South African rock band” will always be affixed to the BLK JKS. It could be amnesia, or just plain ignorance of encountering something for the first time, that leads to people assuming it must be new. It’s no exaggeration to say that when the band […]

Wunga Heads and the Untreated Dead

  The song Wunga is perhaps the strangest track on Durban/Johannesburg hip-hop group BIG FKN GUN (BFG) album Pop Models. As the follow-up to the sleek title-track, the video sees the group ditch the setting of a club for a tour down Johannesburg’s streets as our protagonist, a “junkie” (artist EvlJon) wanders aimlessly around bruising […]

No More Tuesdays: The Brother Moves On Take the Protest to Their Least Favourite Day of the Week

Last week Tuesday (30 April), Joburg’s The Brother Moves On played a show in their own lounge. It was an incredible gig and one that you can read about on The Con, here. During the show the Brother’s frontman, Siyabonga Mthembu, chanted “No More Tuesdays” repeatedly. At the time it seemed like just part of […]