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Will The Centre Hold: Julius Malema and the EFF Take A Sho’t Left

In South Africa’s platinum belt, life and politics are as hard as the earth on which they are contested: natural resources and poverty are plentiful, and support for the ruling ANC is in short supply following the brutal events at Marikana. In this article, first published in the current issue of the Chimurenga Chronic, Kwanele […]

Ancestral Dances on the Braais of our Present

  As the faux Twitter debate over Heritage Day versus “Braai Day” raged, we hit Klipspruit Valley Road heading into Soweto. Our destination: the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in the Jabavu section of Soweto. The reason: a performance by JBCUC. Who? BCUC is Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, a rollicking band from Soweto, and JBC is […]