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Shackville & the Securo-state

  On February 24, University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Black Academic Caucus (BAC) led a silent protest in the wake of violence on the campus two weeks ago – and in the immediate wake of further violence at  North West University (NWU), the University of the Free State (UFS) and other universities across the country. […]

Kragdadigheid at UCT: a Dangerous Precedent

  Adam Haupt reflects on the evening police bliksemmed UCT students   This is not going to be one of those objective, measured op eds. It’s difficult to be objective when you see your own students being brutalised by police. It’s difficult to be objective when your own university calls the police on to your […]

The Day of the Jekyll

To resolve the situation at the University of Cape Town that was sparked by the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, I believe we must demand the reinstatement of former vice chancellor, Dr Max Price. On his installation in 2008, Price called for an Afropolitan university, encompassing the globe without short-changing the continent. Six years later, in […]