Who needs Jungian archetypes when you can have Bunnyian archetypes? Are you more chicken bunny than broad beans bunny? And what does your preference say about you? The Con’s resident bunny chow scholar, Pravasan Pillay, continues his long-term study of this iconic South African street food.

1. Quarter Mutton Bunny: You’re conventional. If you’re over thirty you’re either married or worried about not being married.

2. Chicken Bunny: You’re health conscious, belong to an anti-vaccination Facebook group and regularly use the phrase, “the hubby”.

3. Sugar/Broad Beans Bunny: If you’re Indian you’re religiously conservative and if you’re white you’re politically progressive. Both of you will travel to India at some point in your lives.

4. Full Loaf Bunny: You have a small penis.

5. Mince Kebab/Prawn Chutney Bunny: You have money but no class.

6. Brioche Bunny: You like the taste of curry but hate Indians.

7. Brown Bread Bunny: You’re a psychopath and beyond the scope of this study.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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