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Snackwich Nation

  ravasan Pillay continues his series of columns on sandwiches and this time he’s talking snackwiches. One evening, a few months ago, I was struck by a serious craving for a cheese and tomato snackwich. You know the kind with the molten burn-the-roof-your-mouth stringy cheese, crispy, slightly oily outsides – all bordered by pleasingly crunchy [...]

On the Chip Sandwich

  A culinary monstrosity and a favourite of stoners, drunkards and layabouts, Pravasan Pillay bites into the potato chip sandwich.   A few months ago I wrote a review of one of my all-time favourite sandwiches, The Special, here on The Con. I like to think of The Special as a culinary work of art; [...]

Refugees Cause Cape Town Race Wars

  Niren Tolsi and Ben Fogel On Thursday, Democratic Alliance (DA) spokesperson Rupert Whyte-Smith, in between sips of his flat white purchased from Truth.Coffee in East City (the area formerly known as District Six), informed assembled journalists that a recent spate of racist crimes in Cape Town was driven by education refugees from the Eastern [...]