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The Meaning of John Berger

  John Berger, who died on January 2, turned 90 in November last year. A Jar of Wild Flowers (Zed Books), a collection of essays written by his friends and artistic collaborators in celebration of Berger, and edited by Yasmin Gunaratnam and Amarjit Chandan, was published at the time — as a present to this singular poet, [...]

Extract: The Chronicles of Nonyana the Bird alias Ntwana the Kid

  It’s festive term again police evacuate tramps from beaches, parks and passageways for the ease and security of tourists & revellers my friend Theliweni says it’s a lofty project these folks bring money to the city we hobos shall benefit a lot from the trickle-down effect for now we must hustle thirty bucks a [...]

The Living Voice

  Review: John Berger’s Collected Poems   The tongue               Is the spine’s first leaf Forests of language surround it -Words II   From the gazals and qawwalis of Lahore to the rhymes dropped in the ghettos of Los Angeles and Paris, the poetic impulse continues to flourish as [...]