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Songs about Home

   hate having to tell people where I’m from. Home, like time I believe, is an unnecessary construct. By way of convention, Cape Town would be ‘home’ for me. I grew up there, my parents live there and I met some of my closest friends there. Put me there for more than a week, however, [...]

Essential Music from a Shitty Year

  Lloyd Gedye scans 2016’s musical landscape and, in between the grave-stones of David Bowie, Prince, Mandoza and Leonard Cohen, picks 21 albums that made the year just a little bit better. In alphabetical order:   A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it from Here… Thank You for Your Service Nobody had any right [...]

A Stand-out from the Sanctum

  Artist: Tumi Mogorosi/Gabi Motuba Album: Sanctum Sanctorium Drummer Tumi Mogorosi’s Project Elo took the South African and international jazz world by storm, earning him critical praise and a loyal following. Blending epic vocal performances, soaring horns and propulsive percussion that deeply mined the soundscape of South Africa for inspiration, Project Elo was a spiritual [...]

Mandoza, Nkalakatha & A Divided SA

  For a country whose citizens were slowly starting to learn about each other, the late 1990s and early part of a new century were times of nervousness.  The racial divides of the past were profoundly apparent — as much as they are today, certainly —  and the journey into the unknown scary.  Dance-floors and [...]