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Trump: What Wikileaks Hath Wrought

  Given my druthers, I’d like to fashion a striking white robe and a pointed hat, mask included, for Julian Assange. I’m sure that somewhere in the linen closet of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London there must be a spanking white sheet and a spare pillowcase, of an equally white hue, that can be put […]

Rhodes: A Police State of Mind

  To say that the police are using disproportionate force at the University Currently Known as Rhodes (UCKAR) is to understate the immense brutality and repressive tactics experienced by students and staff. The past two weeks at UCKAR have seen violence, damage and the biggest show of carelessness witnessed at this campus all year. Student […]

Wits Students’ Accounts Reveal Management Smoke-screen

  By Wits Observers The escalation of ongoing conflict between police and students protesting for free, decolonised, quality education at the University of the Witwatersrand is now exposing those working and living on campus to violent incidents daily. More than two weeks ago, our report stated that the university’s decision to forcibly resume the academic […]

Black Wednesday: A Prison Diary

  — by Terrence Tryon  On 19 October 1977 the apartheid government banned 18 organisations, including: Black People’s Convention South African Students Movement Union of Black Journalists Black Women’s Federation South African Students Organisation Soweto Teachers Action Committee The Christian Institute Soweto Students Representative Council The government also banned two newspapers, The World and Weekend […]